OG AM Weekly Tourney Results 8/7/12

Post date: Aug 08, 2012 9:40:48 AM

OG AM Weekly Tourney Results 8/7/12

It was hot, it was humid, but we still had 17 brave souls come out to challenge OG and each other.

We played 21 holes, including a new position on the hole after the "spider" hole. Several baskets had been moved to positions that haven't been played in quite a while.

The course layout was a good mix of right, left and straight shots and proved to be quite challenging.

Although a few people didn't shoot their best, everyone had fun and made the most of the situation. You know the deal.... "OG giveth, OG taketh away"!

EMZ hit an ace on the last hole and took home a whopping $202. Good shot Eddie!

The scores:

Hawaiian: -9

Chris B.: -7

Dory: -3

Matt A.: -3

Donny: -2

Brian: -1

Leo: Even

3G: Even

Miker: +1

Miko: +1

Zach: +1

EMZ: +2

Abraham: +4

Madman: +6

Thad: +8

Amanda: +11

GW: A lot... :)

CTP: Hawaiian

Ace: EMZ

Thanks to everyone who came out!