HAHAMONGNA WATERSHED PARK ADVISORY COMMITTEE (HWPAC) meets every other month, and sometimes more often. If you want to attend, we usually post it on the calendar when we hear about it or when it's announced.

There are lots of political pull in multiple direction and it gets real confusing real fast. I'm starting this little blog in hopes that OGDGC can ride the political wind and make sure one of disc golf's mecca is not taken away from us. Do not take any thing negative from these postings. Negative thoughts goes against our cause.

These thoughts are not from the City of Pasadena, the HWPAC, or even Oak Grove Disc Golf Club. They are of the person who is attending the meeting, and that is it. If we actually have a collective thought, we will post it on our main webpage.

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2/23/10 - Mar 03, 2010 9:49:34 PM