AM Weekly Tourney Results 7/31/12

Post date: Aug 07, 2012 8:22:6 AM

AM Weekly Tourney Results 7/31/12

Last week we only had nine golfers but we saw some great golf and had lots of fun. Abraham shot the hot round finishing at nine under par but with his handicap he ended up at -8.

Nate, who usually finishes at five over, came out and shot his best round of golf ever, finishing at three under par. With his -5 handicap it put him tied for first place. Needless to s

ay he was stoked. Nice shooting Nate!

Jeff N. and the Madman both finished at five under par but decided to throw a CTP to determine who got the payout. Hole #1 was chosen and the Madman put it closer. Better luck next time Jeff!

The scores:

Abraham: -8

Nate: -8

Madman: -5

Jeff N.: -5

Hawaiian: -2

Donny: +1

GW: +2

Lee: +4

Will: +12

Still no aces which means that ace pot #1, which has been capped at $202, is still waiting to be claimed. Ace pot #2 is slowing building up! Who's gonna get it???