HAHAMONGNA WATERSHED PARK ADVISORY COMMITTEE (HWPAC) meets every other month, and sometimes more often. If you want to attend, we usually post it on the calendar when we hear about it or when it's announced.

There are lots of political pull in multiple direction and it gets real confusing real fast. I'm starting this little blog in hopes that OGDGC can ride the political wind and make sure one of disc golf's mecca is not taken away from us. Do not take any thing negative from these postings. Negative thoughts goes against our cause.

These thoughts are not from the City of Pasadena, the HWPAC, or even Oak Grove Disc Golf Club. They are of the person who is attending the meeting, and that is it. If we actually have a collective thought, we will post it on our main webpage.

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posted Mar 3, 2010, 1:49 PM by Howard Tan   [ updated Mar 3, 2010, 2:27 PM by Chris Mattox ]

I'm writing this a couple of weeks after the fact. But will be more vigilant as time progresses. 

There were multiple complaints about the Sunset Overlook by residence of Sterling Pl. The street next to it. Residents complained that people were there after dark doing illegal things, and they don't want to see an improvement here. I don't quite agree, but safety and privacy should be up held. There was a 100K(?) grant approved to do the work here already. There was also talks about removing trees here, but were rejected because of the devastation of the Station Fires.

Maggie(?) continually complains about not being able to hear, and about handicap access. She knows lots of people, keep her happy.

There is approval for putting in another soccer field, across the parking lot of the other soccer field. But there are complaints coming from the Open Space (?) board members. Because of the fires, there are even more problems of not having enough natural habitat areas. There is approval, and people are pushing the soccer field through. Money is on the line. I'm not sure how we should play on this. I believe in open space, and there lots of already developed areas (while more expensive) that can easily take on a soccer field. With the fires, Hahamonga watershed has completely changed. It used to have trees, shrubbery and lots of plants. Now it's filled with sediments from the fire. Yes, it's open space, but it's filled with nothing but devastation. On the flip side, I think we like them to put in the soccer fields, because it's money poured into the park. With the soccer field we can make modifications to the park and make greatly needed improvements. or not. I don't know, if you guys have thoughts on this put it in the comment field.

After the meeting which took 3 hours. yuck. I talked to Rosa and again talked about signage, kiosk, and benches. She says it's on her list of things to do. She mention that there is a Mayor (?) run sometime in May(?) and the park will be closed. I will make an announcement when I hear the details.

there is probably more, but they were small and not significant in my mind. But who knows where it'll go. Keep posted and keep thinking.

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