Located in the Hahamongna Watershed Park in Pasadena, Oak Grove Disc Golf Course is renouned for being the world first disc golf course in the world.

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This weeks bag tag challenge!

posted Jan 27, 2015, 9:45 PM by Howard Tan

Good Job Jeff and Jack for defending 5 and 6 during the OG Weekly Bag Tag Challenge (scores below). Where is 1-10?? A lot of movement in the ranks, and some of you guys aren't telling me your numbers... Jason and Fitz. Don't forget to send me the results of your challenge! 

1 Jorge
2 Super
3 kansas
4 g4ce
5 Ironjeff
6 hicks
7 Osh
8 michigan
9 Charles
10 iocco
11 kris k
12 dennyb
13 Kendall
14 noah
15 philo
16 bigbird
17 Gabriel
18 JT
19 Nicholas
20 3g
21 Grog
22 forrest
23 bird
24 heapy
25 tones
26 nelson
27 jeff
28 frank
29 Ryan
30 sasquatch
31 Matt
32 DLS
33 reddog
34 justin s
35 Jason
36 tim
37 Jason
38 elkabong
39 Sam
40 Barret
41 deg
42 rohad
43 slowhand
44 TriTip
45 Murph
46 ken
47 cj
48 jay
49 bryan
50 g2
51 Kaos
52 leo
53 dee
54 cortez
55 John
56 Skulboy
57 petey
58 bk
59 steve
60 Noel
61 Derek
62 dwayne
63 Tim
64 Berto
65 zak
66 Andy
67 Keith
68 DOS
69 marking
70 Michael
71 Steve
72 fitz
73 randall
74 chefd
75 synicizym
76 Keenan
77 Helen
78 gw
79 Erin
80 Nick 
81 gram
82 stephanie
83 jaime
84 vanessa
85 danny
86 kahuna
87 thomas
88 deigo
89 chino
90 john
91 yvette
92 darryl
93 charlie
94 michael
96 young
97 jill
98 dick
99 Luca
tbd amanda
tbd Benjamin
tbd Chase
tbd snappy fingers
tbd Chris
tbd howard
tbd mark
tbd pauly
tbd perryman
tbd peter
tbd susie
tbd Tobin
tbd vallerie

2015 Membership Drive and Bag Tag Challenge

posted Jan 7, 2015, 10:24 PM by Howard Tan

2015 Oak Grove Membership Drive and Bag Tag Challenge! 

You can register now at Disc Golf United. http://www.discgolfunited.com/disc-golf-tournaments/tournament-dashboard.cfm?tourn_id=2754

$30 for new members, $25 for membership renewal.

1/18/2015 Oak Grove Membership Drive Schedule:
- 8:30AM Registration starts.
- 9:30AM Player Meeting.
- 1 Round Wintertime Layout Bag Tag Challenge.
- BBQ prepared by the Club. If you bring a dish, we will love you more!
- $5 Dollar Doubles or Philo Clinic afterwards. (not included and optional)

Members Get: 
1 OG Stamped Legacy Disc
1 OG Bag Tag

Please print out the membership form, fill it out, and bring it with you. 

This year I will keep track and post the standings of the Bag Tags. I have 100 membership packages, but will only take 72 players for online registration. I have 50 Legend Outlaws, 50 Icon Outlaws, 10 Legend Rampage, 10 Legend Patriot, 10 Legend Rival, 10 Legend Guage, 10 Legend Ghost, 5 Legend Closure, 5 Legend Clutch. First Come First Serve.

Hope to see you there.

Membership forms for 2013

posted Mar 16, 2013, 7:19 PM by Howard Tan

Check it.

January Monthly time change! 8:30am start time!

posted Jan 19, 2013, 9:03 AM by Chris Mattox   [ updated Jan 19, 2013, 9:05 AM ]

In anticipation of the Wintertime Open next month, we will be playing a modified Wintertime layout for the January monthly.

To be able to play two rounds, we'll be starting earlier than usual.
Sign-ups will begin at 8am and plan to tee off at 8:30am.

It is essential that everyone be on time to get two full rounds in, so please be prompt!

--Two Rounds, Modified Wintertime Open Layout
--Ace Pool

Again, please try to be on time!!!
Tell your friends!!!

AM Weekly Results 8/28/12

posted Oct 25, 2012, 7:24 AM by Chris Mattox   [ updated Oct 25, 2012, 10:26 AM ]

AM Weekly Results 8/28/12

EMZ: -7
Matt A: -4
Miker: -4
Abe: -2
The Mike Jewel: -2
Graeme: -2
Brian: -1
3G: -1
Amanda: +1
Madman: +2
Dori: +3
Danny A: +4
Donny: +7

OG AM Weekly Tourney Results 8/7/12

posted Aug 8, 2012, 2:40 AM by Chris Mattox

OG AM Weekly Tourney Results 8/7/12

It was hot, it was humid, but we still had 17 brave souls come out to challenge OG and each other.
We played 21 holes, including a new position on the hole after the "spider" hole. Several baskets had been moved to positions that haven't been played in quite a while.

The course layout was a good mix of right, left and straight shots and proved to be quite challenging.
Although a few people didn't shoot their best, everyone had fun and made the most of the situation. You know the deal.... "OG giveth, OG taketh away"!

EMZ hit an ace on the last hole and took home a whopping $202. Good shot Eddie!

The scores:

Hawaiian: -9
Chris B.: -7
Dory: -3
Matt A.: -3
Donny: -2
Brian: -1
Leo: Even
3G: Even
Miker: +1
Miko: +1
Zach: +1
EMZ: +2
Abraham: +4
Madman: +6
Thad: +8
Amanda: +11
GW: A lot... :)

CTP: Hawaiian
Ace: EMZ

Thanks to everyone who came out!

OG Pro/AM monthly to be held on the 4th Sunday in August

posted Aug 7, 2012, 1:32 AM by Chris Mattox

As you all know, OGDGC holds it's monthly tourney on the third Sunday of every month. For the month of August we are moving the tourney back one week the the 4th Sunday.

The Pasadena Explorers will be holding their annual event in the park on the third Sunday and in an effort to stay out of their way and to keep everyone happy, we'll be holding the tourney on the 4th Sunday, 8/26.

Everything else will remain the same, just one week later. So tell your friends and mark your calendars!

2 rounds
Ace pool
Pro and AM divisions

See ya there!

AM Weekly Tourney Results 7/31/12

posted Aug 7, 2012, 1:22 AM by Chris Mattox

AM Weekly Tourney Results 7/31/12

Last week we only had nine golfers but we saw some great golf and had lots of fun. Abraham shot the hot round finishing at nine under par but with his handicap he ended up at -8.

Nate, who usually finishes at five over, came out and shot his best round of golf ever, finishing at three under par. With his -5 handicap it put him tied for first place. Needless to s
ay he was stoked. Nice shooting Nate!

Jeff N. and the Madman both finished at five under par but decided to throw a CTP to determine who got the payout. Hole #1 was chosen and the Madman put it closer. Better luck next time Jeff!

The scores:

Abraham: -8
Nate: -8
Madman: -5
Jeff N.: -5
Hawaiian: -2
Donny: +1
GW: +2
Lee: +4
Will: +12

Still no aces which means that ace pot #1, which has been capped at $202, is still waiting to be claimed. Ace pot #2 is slowing building up! Who's gonna get it???

AM Weekly Tourney Results 7/24/12

posted Aug 7, 2012, 1:10 AM by Chris Mattox

AM Weekly Tourney Results 7/24/12

Thirteen golfers came out to challenge the course and each other. Here's what happened...

Jeff N.: -5
Shawn: -4
Donnie: -4
Diego: -4
Alex M.: -2
Nick D.: -1
Abraham: -1
3G: +1
Lee: +3
Nate: +6
Miker: +9
Will: +13
GW: alot... :)

Still no aces hit

AM Weekly Tourney Results 7/17/12

posted Jul 18, 2012, 11:15 AM by Chris Mattox

AM Weekly Tourney Results 7/17/12

We had 16 golfers come out to play, including several new faces. Leo shot the hot round with a pure -5 but as we're a handicap league, that just wasn't good enough to beat a couple of players who start off under par. Looks like some handicaps need adjusting!

Dory: -8
Diego: -6
Leo: -5
Miker: -4
The Mike Jewel: -4
Reynolds: -4
Jeff N.: -1
Madman: -1
Donny: -1
Nate: +1
Troy: +1
Mike S.: +1
Lee: +3
Rob: +5
Will: ...
Vincent: ...

CTP: The Mike Jewel

Ace pot #1 has been capped at $200 and we're now working on pot #2.

See you guys next Tuesday!

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